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How to use it?

  1. After the installation the extension is ready to record your logins. No further configuration is required at this point.
  2. When you visit a website and use a social login to sign-in or sign-up the extension automatically recognizes the used network. This will happen after the sign-in or sign-up is completed. Once a site is recognized you get a notification like this:

    Which Login notification example

    This means your network has been recognized and the information has been stored.
  3. When you come back to a site and want to know how you signed in last time, you can check the WhichLogin icon near the address bar:

    Example of an open Which Login popup

  4. If a network hasn't been recognized automatically you can still add it manually. Click on the link "Manually add" to get started:

    Manually adding to Which Login step 1 popup

    Next select the social network you used to sign in and click "Add".

    Manually adding to Which Login step 2 popup

  5. If you want to reset a network use the "Clear" option.

    Clear option Which Login popup

If you still have any questions left check the FAQ on the homepage or get in touch via Twitter or Telegram.

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