Storiesdown: Checking the Instagram Story Viewer Tool out [2022]

08 Aug, 2022

You just watched some amazing Instagram stories but are unable to download them. Instagram stories are the most attractive feature of social media networking. Storiesdown is the best digital platform you can use as an anonymous Instagram story viewer.

Storiesdown Instagram story viewer

The first and foremost thing to know about Storiesdown is what it is and how it works. Storiesdown is basically a completely anonymous tool for Instagram story viewers that allows its users to not only download Instagram stories anonymously but also view someone's stories anonymously.

The Key Features of Storiesdown

Storiesdown anonymous

What else could be better than being able to view and download Instagram stories anonymously? Storiesdown Instagram is a way to view Instagram stories and download them anonymously.

Storiesdown: Free for Instagram story viewing

Storiesdown is a free Instagram story viewer tool where you do not need to pay anything or subscribe at a high cost. You can use the best Instagram story downloader for free.

Storiesdown: View and download Instagram stories

Using Storiesdown anonymous, you can view and download Instagram stories. You can save them on your device and post them in high resolution on your Instagram account.

Storiesdown: Easy-to-use

There is no need to log in to your Instagram account. You can simply type in the Instagram username of one of the Instagram accounts to view stories and download photos and videos.

Storiesdown: Compatible for Instagram story viewers

Storiesdown is suitable for any device you use. It can be used on either mobile or computer device, etc. You can use it on any mobile phone browser too to download videos and share stories.

Storiesdown: Private Instagram account

Storiesdown does not work for private Instagram accounts, it only works for the user who has a public Instagram account. If some Instagram users have a private account, then you will rarely find Storiesdown relevant.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously?

Using Storiesdown, you can view and download Instagram stories without the account owner's knowledge. But the question comes as to how you can view and download IG stories from multiple Instagram profiles, and that too, completely free.

Below are some steps to let you know the procedure to view and download Instagram stories.

  1. Step 1 involves visiting the Storiesdown free website using the mobile phone or desktop search engine.

Step 1: Storiesdown Homepage

  1. Step 2 involves entering the username of the Instagram profile you want to view and download Instagram stories from in the Storiesdown search bar.

Step 2: Enter a channel into the searchbox on

  1. Step 3 directs you to tap on the Instagram profile and download Instagram stories directly.

Step 3: Storiesdown example result

  1. Step 4 directs you to save stories in your destination folder. You can watch stories on this platform being completely anonymous.

Step 4: Storiesdown button to download IG stories

Storiesdown: Is it a safe video-sharing platform?

Storiesdown is a completely free platform to share Instagram stories and Instagram videos. Although it is completely anonymous to view Instagram stories, photos, and videos, it violates the user's privacy.

It is a helpful tool that allows you to view Instagram accounts anonymously and other Instagram content. But, it is known to be used by Instagram stalkers, and it is known as a favorite online hangout spot for them to see other people's Instagram stories.

Here are some points which raise concern as to whether Storiesdown is a safe story viewer tool or not.

It is not in compliance with the Instagram policy

Although Storiesdown uses the Instagram API, using any third-party app to save Instagram stories is against the policy drafted for Instagram users.

A penalty situation may arise

Regularly viewing the Instagram profile and downloading other people's Instagram stories without their knowledge can lead to a ban on your account and you could possibly be asked to pay a penalty.

The issue of data privacy

Storiesdown is just to save people's Instagram stories liked by the users, but it could become a threat to the users of private Instagram profiles. This is because Instagram does not allow these types of practices.

Storiesdown: Is it legal?

Your desired level of protection or security will determine the answer. For instance, the program can hide your identity if that's all you want it to do.

You can obtain and share the content without your name showing up on the list of watchers. It's the greatest app for tracking public accounts as a result. Unfortunately, using this feature for private accounts is not possible.

You could find this software beneficial if you can access the private account of the individual you want.

Because it doesn't require your login information to create an account and doesn't infringe on the security of private accounts, this software is absolutely secure to use in terms of security.

List of Storiesdown alternatives

Storiesdown is the best app to view people's Instagram stories but does not allow you to view stories from a private Instagram profile or personal account.

Below is a list of Storiesdown alternatives to make your experience better.

Qoob stories

Qoob stories has a special feature that helps you access private Instagram stories, which is not available in Storiesdown. It is one of the Storiesdown alternatives using which you can download not only Instagram stories but also videos and photos from the feed.


Similar to Qoob Stories, Glassagram is another Instagram video viewer that requires registration and sign-in in order to utilize the site. Although the app offers a free trial, it is designed as a premium tool, and as such, most of the powerful features are only accessible to paid users. You can read stories anonymously on Glassagram.

Stories IG

Having its own app icon, Stories IG provides quick access to save and download stories, videos, and photos from others' profiles and post them to your own Instagram profile.


Another Storiesdown alternative is Instalkr. It allows you to view deleted stories and photos on Instagram. Nothing is better than watching the stories that have already been deleted.


Inflact is one of the Storiesdown alternatives that are best for social media marketing. It provides you with various features related to marketing and assists you with detailed analysis to boost your business.


The sign-up process for MSpy is really quick. After the sign-up process, you can access the profiles you want without any hassle. It acts as a spy for you.


InstaDP is another Storiesdown alternative used for downloading Instagram stories. It is free to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Storiesdown review

The Storiesdown review says that it is the best platform to download stories from public Instagram profiles. It can also be used to download an online photo from Instagram.

The primary source of income for Storiesdown is the Google Adsense ads, and therefore, while using the website, there are no pop-up ads displayed.

Based on the storiesdown review, you can visit the users' profiles without an account of your own and without any disturbance from the pop-up ads.

What makes StoriesDown so well-liked?

The Instagram algorithm chooses the most recent, excellent, captivating, and pertinent posts for your followers. Including this stuff in the level feeds of your followers is beneficial. In case anyone is considering seeing your Instagram tales. They will ultimately notice them in such a situation and might even make a purchase from you. There will be many people who wish to download them again. as soon as StoriesDown is able to download them. They'll employ this app.

Disadvantages of Storiesdown

This Instagram story viewing tool may also have some drawbacks, as no tool is perfect. It does not show the data of a private user account, as was already mentioned, which is a significant drawback for some of you. Second, if you use Instagram regularly, you can get detected and blocked because Instagram can trace your IP address.

The employment of such a technology can have negative repercussions because Instagram protects the privacy of its users. Furthermore, if you are discovered using someone else's information for your own benefit, the situation can get worse.

Summing up Storiesdown

With amazing features and experiences, Storiesdown is one of the most preferable social media platforms of the 21st century. It allows you to save the stories and photos secretly and with no cost involved. Although it does not comply with Instagram's terms and conditions, it is still worth a try. Other options can also be considered if you want to see a deleted post or story of any Instagram user, but Storiesdown has another level of features to try and explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Storiesdown legit for users?

Storiesdown is a legitimate story downloader, but consider the risks involved with its usage. We suggest you take a look at its alternatives too.

Is Storiesdown completely anonymous?

When using this website, you do not need to have an account on Instagram. You can download the stories of others without their knowledge.

Is there any fee to work on Storiesdown?

No, it is a free-of-cost platform where you can explore and use its features without any kind of fee at your own wish.

How can someone watch the highlights on Instagram anonymously?

Watching the highlights includes various steps:

First, you have to visit the Instagram app or website.

Then, obtain the username of the profile containing the story.

Paste the username into the input field on the platform.

The second last step is to press the search button.

Finally, you will reach the profile from where you can view and also download the story you want.

Are there any alternatives available for storiesdown?

There are more than ten alternatives available, but some of the most popular ones are InstaDP, Stories IG, Instalkr, MSpy, and Inflact.

Do Anonymous Instagram Viewers Really Work?

Instagram stories may be viewed without your username being listed among others who have done so. Try out each of the tools listed above, then select the one that best suits your requirements. If you are not logged in and you are able to view the stories of a user, there is no way that user will know that you have viewed their stories.