How do I recover my Facebook account with trusted contacts?

30 Oct, 2021

Facebook has made it easier for you to reset your Facebook credentials through a list of "trusted friends". However, this is a little slower process, more time consuming and should be used as a last option only. The recommended options to recover your Facebook account are the password reset through either email or using the phone number option. Both are direct reset options and involve no third-party (friends). If you no longer have access to neither the email address nor the mobile number which is linked to your Facebook account, then your trusted friends might be your last option.

The Facebook password reset through the trusted contacts feature offers an option which you can use to recover your lost password. For this feature to work, you need to create your list of trusted friends before forgetting your password or before your Facebook account gets compromised. This means that this option won't work for you if your account is already blocked on Facebook and your list of trusted contact is empty.

This article will explore how you can reset your password and recover your Facebook account with your trusted and close friends.

Can I reset my Facebook password with trusted contacts?

This is a new feature which Facebook has introduced to help users restore access to their account if they have no access to either their Facebook-known mobile numbers or email addresses. We can't crucify anyone for having difficulties in accessing their Facebook-linked email address or phone number. For this to work, you must have created a contact list of trusted friends beforehand. You must mention at least three close friends whom you can contact to give you the password reset code.

If you already have Trusted Friends' list created you can skip the next section and get straight to the steps to password reset using trusted contacts. To create a list of trusted friends, proceed as follows:

How to define trusted contacts on Facebook?

To being able to access your account and important personal contacts defining trusted contacts on Facebook can be benefitial. Proceed as follows to define trusted friend for Facebook account recovery through friends:

  1. Go to the "Security and Login" settings by clicking on the menu click on the top right corner of your Facebook home page and selecting "Settings".

    Step 1 of Defining Trusted Friends: Go into the "Settings"-menu

  2. Click on "Security and Login". Scroll down to "Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out". Click "Edit".

    Step 2 of Defining Trusted Friends: Select "Security and Login" and "Edit".

  3. Click on "Choose friend" to access a list of your friends.

    Step 3 of Defining Trusted Friends: Select "Choose Friends".

  4. Click on the "Choose Trusted Contacts" on the prompt.

    Step 4 of Defining Trusted Friends: Select "Choose Friends".

  5. Enter the name of friends you want to add to the list and hit "Confirm":

    Step 5 of Defining Trusted Friends: Select friends and click "Confirm".

  6. Added friends will appear in the list as shown. You can "Edit" or "Remove All" as desired.

    Step 6 of Defining Trusted Friends: Manage trusted friends by removing and editing the friend-list.

Done! Your trusted friends are set in case you lose access to your Facebook account.

How to recover your Facebook account with trusted contacts?

The process to reset your Facebook password using trusted contacts is fairly straight forward. You find your Facebook account and get a verification code generated. This code then gets entered by your friends on Facebook.

Create a code for your trusted contacts as follows:

  1. Go to the Facebook homepage and click on "Forgotten account":

    Step 1 of password-reset with trusted friends: Select "Forgotten account" on the Facebook homepage

  2. Type your email address, phone number or full account name and hit "Search" to identify your account.

    Step 2 of password-reset with trusted friends: Find your Facebook account by searching for your email or phone number.

  3. On the next page, click on "I no longer have access to these" to continue.

    Step 3 of password-reset with trusted friends: Select "I no longer have access to these" to get further options.

  4. Enter your new email address or phone number. Confirm and hit on "Continue".

    Step 4 of password-reset with trusted friends: Share new contact details to ensure you getting your new access credentials sent later on.

  5. In the follow step you need to click on "Reveal My Trusted Contacts" and then send a link with a code to your list of trusted friends.

  6. Get the recovery code from trusted friends. Use this code to access your account.

Now you should be able to access your Facebook account again. Please make sure to secure your account proper by changing your password and enabling additional security options. A password manager such as LastPass can help to avoid forgetting your password.

If planning to delete you account you might want to everything important before deleting your Facebook.

Brief Summary

This Facebook feature gives you and your trusted friends a full control of your Facebook account. You need to have true friends whom you really trust in the list of trusted contacts. This process is quite involving and sometimes alternative methods are preferred. After accessing your account, you can add your new phone number and email addresses which you can use to reset your forward in cases where your account has been compromised or you have forgotten your password.