About WhichLogin

30 Oct, 2021

WhichLogin started as a browser extension project to remember which social login you used last time in April 2019 by Peter Thaleikis. It was launched on ProductHunt and got the second place with over 500 votes in the daily race:

Which Login? - Never forget how you signed into a website anymore | Product Hunt

Following this the project got equipped with more information & tools and guides to assist your in your daily work with social media website. This lead over time to being more focused on social media than the original social login feature.

Since 2020, WhichLogin has converted into a pure information website to help out. The site is financed using ads as well as affiliate links. You, as a user, won't have any disadvances: You can enjoy our guides while the prices for mentioned services remain the same.

Legal: You can read in the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.