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Frequently Asked Questions

Does WhichLogin work on all sites?

WhichLogin is able to recognize almost all websites automatically. If you find one of the odd cases where it doesn't work send me a message please! I'm keen to get to it working on all sites around the Internet.

Does WhichLogin store which websites I visited?

No, WhichLogin doesn't store the websites you visited. It recognizes the logins you using and only stores which one you used on which website.

Does WhichLogin access or store my passwords?

No, WhichLogin has no access to your passwords. Of course it doesn't store any passwords either.

Where is my information stored?

All information is saved in the synced storage of your browser. You can clear your information at any time using the browser built-in functionality. No information is sent to WhichLogin or shared with any third-party application. Chrome respectively Firefox receive a copy of your data to sync between your devices - this is very normal for browser extensions.

Is the information synced between my browsers?

Yes, for your convenience the information will be automatically synced between your browsers. Naturally, this works only between either Firefox instances or Chrome instances. Not between Chrome and Firefox directly.

Does WhichLogin work on Chrome?

Yes, WhichLogin works on Chrome. To install it head to the Chrome webstore.

Is Firefox supported?

Yes, WhichLogin works on Firefox. Follow this to get the Firefox version.

Does WhichLogin work on Safari?

Not yet, if there is enough interest a Safari version will be considered. Please send me a message if you are interested in a Safari version.

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