How to change your birthday on Facebook?

01 Sep, 2021

Today, most people remember birthdays because of Facebook notifications. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to use the right date. If you have made the mistake of putting up the wrong date, you can edit it via settings.

Here's how to change your birthday on Facebook

Follow these simple steps one by one to change your date of birth on Facebook.

  1. If needed, log in to your Facebook account.

  2. Go to your profile and select the "About" section.

    How to change your birthday on Facebook (Step 2): Select "About" on your profile

  3. Visit the "Contact and Basic Info" section and scroll to "Birth Date", this is where you will find the edit button.

    How to change your birthday on Facebook (Step 3): Select "Contact and Basic Info"

  4. "Edit" the date and save your changes.

How many times can you change your birthday on Facebook?

Changing your birthday on Facebook might not seem like a big deal to you. But for a big data company that is managing the accounts of millions of users, it is a big deal. Because of this, Facebook doesn't let you change your birthday more than three times.

If you have changed birthdays frequently, you might have seen security notifications pop up. That is Facebook's way of telling you to be careful about your data; otherwise, your account may be restricted.

Why can't I change my Facebook birthday?

You might be having trouble changing your birthday on Facebook because of the given reasons:

  1. You have changed the date in the recent past.

  2. You have changed the date more than three times.

  3. You are not following the right procedure.

If you have recently changed the date on Facebook and want to change it again, you will have to wait a few days. This is due to Facebook's policies on avoiding and detecting suspicious accounts.

Changing the birthday more than three times can lead you to see security notifications on the screen. Constant changes to your birth date leads Facebook to believe there is suspicious activity on your account. Thus, it puts your account under surveillance. You can pass a few security checks and wait to change your date of birth. If you fail to pass authentication tests, your account will be restricted.

Following the right procedure while trying to change your birth date can help you correct a mistake, or make an update. This step-by-step guide is simple and easy to follow!

How to turn off my birthday on Facebook?

If you want to hide your birthday on Facebook, there is an option to do that. However, if you think you will be able to delete your birthday altogether, that's impossible. Facebook needs your date of birth to confirm your age. Minors are not allowed to create an account on Facebook due to cyber security reasons. Hence, you will need to submit your date of birth which you can hide from other people.

Just like any other information upload, you can decide who has access to the information. . It can be viewable to your friends, only you, or publicly. You need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Log in to your account, if required.

  2. Click on your name.

  3. Now, select "About".

    Hide your Birthday on Facebook (Step 3): Select "About"

  4. Go to "Contact and basic info". And scroll down to "Basic info".

  5. Click on the pencil symbol or globe symbol corresponding to birth date.

    Hide your Birthday on Facebook (Step 5): Go to "Contact and basic info" and scroll to "Basic info"

  6. Select "Only me" and click "Done".

    Hide your Birthday on Facebook (Step 6): Select "Only me" and confirm


You can change your date of birth on Facebook up to three times. If you try doing it more than three times within a short period, your account can be restricted. Make sure you follow the right process that has been listed above. The detailed procedure will surely help you change your date of birth and receive greetings on the right day!