Why isn't Facebook Dating showing up?

25 Dec, 2021

Do you know that you can now date one of your Facebook friends without letting your nosy family friends know about it? Yes, you can. Thanks to the new Facebook dating feature or Facebook dating app.

With Facebook dating, you are free to meet new individuals and begin a new connection with just your dating profile. Well, you only require an email address to sign in to your Facebook dating account.

Matching the data in your Facebook dating profile, Facebook will suggest that users find you, someone. And, the nifty little aspect is that your Facebook dating will be completely detached from your regular Facebook account.

Facebook won't ever publish your dating actions in your Facebook timeline. And, you can watch your Facebook dating shows without the worry of being caught up by others.

Apart from all these benefits, there are some reports about Facebook dating not showing up. This blog is right here for solving this matter with a few points. Let's have a check on them.

Enable Location Services

You can access Facebook dating once you activate the "Location Services"-option. Facebook applies this option to suggest Facebook users connect, depending on geographical selections. Do the following to enable Facebook dating on your Android phone:

  • Move to the "Home Screen".
  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Choose applications.
  • Scroll down to locate Facebook.
  • Tap Location from Permissions menu.
  • Flip the ON/OFF button for Location Services.

For Facebook on iOS devices, follow these steps to access location services:

  • Head to the Home Screen.
  • Click Settings
  • Browse through to find "Privacy".
  • Hit Privacy
  • Select location services and turn on the toggle bar.

If you have a Facebook dating app, then you can have another option too. Just select the Menu option from the drop-down menu, choose Dating and switch on the Dating Location.

Look if Facebook Dating is available in your location

If Facebook dating is not coming up on any mobile phone, then don't break your head. This happened because the dating app or the dating feature has not come yet in your area.

Facebook users of the following regions have access to make their Facebook dating profile:

  • Brazil
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay
  • Canada
  • Ecuador
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Malaysia
  • Guyana
  • Colombia
  • Laos
  • Vietnam
  • Suriname
  • Thailand
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Singapore
  • Philippines

Other users who don't belong to this part of the world can create a new Facebook account by taking any of these places to fix Facebook dating not showing up.

Moreover, people with a Facebook profile under the age of 18 won't get the dating service as per Facebook regulations. So, to create your own account on the Facebook dating app, you have to be an adult.

Update Facebook App to find Facebook Dating service

You have to keep your Facebook application up to date to fix Facebook dating not showing up. An outdated Facebook app doesn't provide all the new tools or features that a usual Facebook profile gets. You can update the Facebook mobile app by following these steps:

Go to your device's app store (Android devices have the Google Play Store and iOS devices have the iOS app store)

Tap on the app updates available

If there is an update for your Facebook application, then complete it

Now, you will have an updated version of the Facebook app that will help you get into the dating world.

Check the internet connection

It is possible that your network connection could be a reason for your Facebook dating not showing up. So, all you have to do is ensure that you don't have a poor internet connection to use the Facebook dating feature. If you have a WiFi connection, turn it off and on once more.

You can also consider using data from your mobile device instead. And if your mobile data too doesn't provide you with a proper internet connection, then shift to WiFi.

At times, your mobile phone, whether it's an android device or iOS device, may not be able to link to your particular network. In that case, put it on airplane mode for a few minutes and reverse back again. This way, all your connections will be refreshed and the process will begin all over again. After that, go to Facebook Dating and see what you've got.

The last option for you is to give a call to the internet service provider and report your network issue.

Reboot your android or iOS device

When you switch off your mobile device and back on, it will assist to refresh networks and provide extra RAM for Facebook Dating. Follow these processes to do so:

  • For Android, press the Power button.
  • For iPhone, press the Home as well as Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Your system will automatically reboot.
  • Refresh your device and start again with Facebook Dating on the Facebook app.

Delete your mobile device's cache data

Mobile devices usually save data from various applications to make those apps work faster. Yet, sometimes that data can become corrupted, forcing the application to stop working efficiently.

Clearing the cache of the devices will fix minor bugs and help an app run speedier in its latest version. You will get the "clear cache" option on your phone's settings. Lastly, verify if the dating feature has already been set up on your smartphone or not. For that, open Facebook dating and refresh again.

Well, don't forget to clear the individual app cache too!

Turn on Facebook app notifications

Double-check that your Facebook app notifications are set or enabled. Blocked notifications won't let you know that you have got the Facebook dating feature on your new app. For app notifications, go to the phone's settings.

Make sure Facebook isn't down

When your Facebook app is not operating, or there are any issues with the Facebook servers, it can also lead to your Facebook dating not showing up. Look with other users if they, too, are having difficulties using the Facebook app. And, if the answer is yes, then you have to wait till it works again. Once Facebook starts to function like it was before, you can get back to your Facebook dating.

Erase and reinstall the Facebook app

You may also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook app on your smartphone.

For Android users:

  • Move to Settings > Apps > Manage App.
  • Click the Facebook app
  • Select Uninstall

For iPhone Users:

  • Hit and Press the Facebook app.
  • Touch the X icon when it starts "jiggling".

After you've uninstalled the application, head to the appropriate app store. Then, install the Facebook app again. Try Facebook dating hence after.

You may also try to log out and then sign back to fix Facebook dating not working.

Reach Facebook Help Center

If nothing works, thenFacebook's technical support team is the only solution for you. You can contact Facebook through a direct message and fix Facebook dating not showing up as a problem. Find the Facebook help center on the Facebook website, on your android or iOS device. No wonder, this will be your last point to fix Facebook dating not showing up.


Your tension regarding Facebook dating not showing up must be cleared up by now. If you still have any other queries related to Facebook dating or solutions to fix Facebook dating not showing up. Then, don't hesitate to write it in the comment box.