How to reset your Facebook password using your phone number?

It's as normal to forget Facebook password as it is to forget the Milk. No need to panic. These days, it is expected to set complex passwords for security reasons. Naturally, these passwords are very difficult to memorize. Without password managers many people would be completely lost. Even if your password is simple, trust me, there might come a time you no longer recall it. Often this happens when you started saving your passwords in your browser or a password manager.

Is it possible to recover your password using phone number?

Yes, but under one condition. For this to work you must have added the phone number as authenticating option in your Facebook account (before you got logged out). If you haven't set the phone number in your account, you can always explore other password recovery options that Facebook provides such as using an email address or sending the reset code to your trusted friends.

If you have your phone number saved in your Facebook account, then proceed with the steps outlined below. If not, you should check alternative reset options using your mobile phone. Or, if you have defined "Trusted Friends" on your account, you might want to read about the reset using trusted contacts option.

  1. Visit the Facebook official login page then click on "Forgotten Account". A new page opens with password recovery options.

    Location of the Facebook Forgotten Password links

  2. You will receive an SMS on your phone with a password reset code. Search your account by keying your phone number in the textbox then hit on "Search".

    Facebook Recovery: Search for account by phone and email

  3. Select the option where you want the reset code to be sent. In this case, your phone through an SMS. Click on "Continue".

    Facebook Recovery via text code: Select your number

  4. Open your message app to access the sent code. Enter the code in the box and hit on "Continue".

    Facebook Recovery via text code: Enter confirmation code

  5. Type your new password in the box which appears.

    Facebook Recovery via SMS: Setting new password

Done! Your new password is set and you are good to go again!

Be prepared

Facebook accounts stay with people for their lives unless you deactivate or delete it. However, the phone number which is linked to your account might change and, in some cases, you might lose access to your old phone number. If this happens and you never linked your email address to your account, then it becomes very difficult to reset your password. Don't wait until you find yourself in this situation.

In addition, you can use password manager applications such as your browsers built-in password manager, Dashlane, LastPass or KeePassX. Any of these will organize all your passwords and keep them safe. They are convenient to use and password retrieval is an easy process compared to what has been discussed so far.

The Bottomline

The above-outlined steps are all you need to reset your Facebook account password through text message (SMS). If you can't reset it via text, this is not the only option. There are others which are also pretty straightforward. You can reset password through email address which is linked to your account. Step one remains the same but in step 2, you select "Send code via Email". You will receive a code in your mailbox from which you can retrieve and use it to reset your password.

It is all that easy. Don't be locked out!