What is a Facebook video thumbnail? And why should you have one

16 Sep, 2022

Social media has lately become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. You rely on it for business, personal interaction, or entertainment. Social media is our alternate reality where we spend good hours of the day.

Facebook is the platform that has made it all possible. Facebook creates a huge impact on our daily lives. Here, sharing photographs, videos, and other similar media of your own or somebody else's is a breeze.

Today we are going to learn about Facebook videos specifically. And, let's see how to push them to a larger audience with the help of Facebook Video Thumbnails.

All the media that is shared and circulated on Facebook runs on the principle of attracting engagement from users. Out of all the media, videos have proven to be the most significant one. They generate more engagement as compared to photographs and posts.

However, they also work on defined algorithms. There are ways to deploy your content to a larger audience manually with smart thumbnails. It is a great tool to generate curiosity among people. This would make them stop and play your video instead of scrolling past by.

Also on YouTube?

If you also upload or stream your video to YouTube, you will need a different custom thumbnail.

What are the dimensions for custom Facebook video thumbnails?

It is crucial to pay attention to the dimensions of the thumbnail that you choose. You might end up cutting important information out of the screen. Not to mention, it decreases the value of your video in the viewers' minds. That is because it doesn't align with the idea of quality content.

Remember this; you have to make sure that the user finds your video worth watching. If they see the worth in it, they will not open them.

There are two dimensions you can choose from. One is in the shape of a square, and the other is in the form of a rectangle. The ratio to be maintained is 1:1 for a square thumbnail and 16:9 for a rectangular thumbnail. A recommended Facebook video thumbnail is 1200x675 pixels. Both JPG and PNG formats are preferred.

How to add/change Facebook thumbnail?

  1. Upload your video on Facebook. Make sure you have chosen the correct media file with the right dimensions which would please the viewer.

    How to add a video Facebook thumbnail (Step 1): Upload your video to Facebook under "Photo/Video".

  2. Once the video is completely uploaded, go to your profile uploads and find the video in your album.

  3. You will see a pencil-shaped icon on your screen which basically means "edit." Click on the icon. You will see a lot of thumbnail options once you do so.

  4. Choose the most aesthetically pleasing thumbnail which incites curiosity about your video in the viewer's mind.

    How to add a video Facebook thumbnail (Step 4): Choose your Thumbnail for your video.

    You can double your engagement with a custom image. Having customized images is like a cheat sheet. With creative graphic design tools such as Canva and Stencil, you can have simple yet engrossing images in no time.

  5. Save all the changes. Once you are done saving, you are ready with your video and a suitable thumbnail. Make sure to pay attention to the size and dimension all along the process!

How to edit Facebook video thumbnails on mobile?

Using your phone to surf social media can be a totally different experience than surfing through your PC/ Laptop. There might be some changes in layout and design that one must pay attention to. Therefore, we have compiled the steps of how to edit your Facebook Thumbnail Video on your mobile.

  1. Upload your video by clicking on "create a post":

    Facebook Video Upload on mobile

  2. Select the video from your gallery. Make sure you have chosen the correct media file. Once your video is uploaded, you will see many options to add to your video. Click on the "thumbnails" option and choose whatever pleases you!

  3. Make sure you have followed the size guide to get a suitable thumbnail. Your video is all set for the upload!

Ideas on creating custom Facebook video thumbnail

It must be remembered that Thumbnails are important. They are the one factor that determines whether the user is going to open the video or not. They must be carefully designed according to the subject of the video. It should align with the size and dimension requirements of Facebook. The size and dimensions are mentioned above. For the design aspect, here are a few things that should be kept in mind.

Use words to describe the content of the video.

It is difficult for the viewer to guess the content from a picture itself. So, write words in whichever language the content is on the slide that you choose as a thumbnail.

Be creative.

You can be creative and pick up designs, colors, and fonts that suit your subject. You can even follow a proper theme, i.e. color, fonts, typography, pictures, etc., in your content and design the thumbnail accordingly. You can use Canva, Photoshop, and Lightroom to create custom designs.

Pay attention to your content.

As much as it is vital to pay attention to the aesthetics, the subject of your content is important too. Make sure your thumbnail aligns with what your video is about.

How to create a video thumbnail for free

Although there are many tools available to get your design done, not all of them are accessible. Canva and Stencil are the only tools available free of cost for these purposes. These tools are easy to use with lots of options to explore.

How to design Facebook Video Thumbnail in Canva

  1. Login/Create a Canva account. It's free to start with.

  2. You will see a lot of templates for various platforms and purposes. Although there is no template available for Facebook Video Thumbnails, you can still create one.

  3. Click on Create a design and set the thumbnail dimensions then click on create a new design.

    Canva: Create an engaging Facebook Thumbnail for your video.

  4. Explore new themes, experiment with ideas, and create!

How to design Facebook video thumbnail using Stencil

  1. Login/Create a Stencil Account.

  2. Pick out the template for Facebook Video Thumbnails or create a custom size (1200x675 pixel):

    Stencil: Select the template for creating a new Facebook Thumbnail for your video.

  3. Experiment, design, and create. Make sure your design is saved in either JPG or PNG format.


Here's why and how Facebook Video Thumbnails play an essential role in pushing your content to a larger audience. You wouldn't have any excuses to make. With simple steps and little effort, you can create a meaningful Thumbnail.

This can bring a considerable increase in engagement with the audience. And honestly, who doesn't want an increased engagement? It will make your personal and professional image on social media more impactful and your content more valuable.