Instagram Explained: What does "TB", "FW", "FS", etc. mean?

08 Aug, 2022

When you are using Instagram, you will notice lots of new slangs and acronyms used in captions and messages.

Here, we take a look at the most common slangs and acronyms used on Instagram. We also got you cogered if you are on the hunt for an Snapchat-specific explaination.

But before we start, let's discuss what Instagram and slangs acronyms are and why they are used.

What are Instagram Slangs and Acronyms?

A Slang is a word or group of words that are used to express something in a new way. It is used in a particular context by a particular group of people.

An acronym is used to clarify or shorten something original without distorting meaning. An acronym can be noticed by the use as a complete or partial synonym for the original term. Think "FB" for "Facebook". The written form is basically done by replacing the sentence or phrase with synonyms to make the reader understand what you are trying to say.

To use an acronym effectively, you should include the context around the phrase. Naturally, acronyms can be either written or spoken form.

Especially on social media, a written acronym can be witnessed regularly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In social media, there is too much text to read through so the use of acronyms helps speed up the reading and understanding process of any post.

What does "TBT"/"TB" stand for?

"TB" stands for Throwback or "TBT" for Throwback Thursday. It used when you wanted to share old photos or videos of a memory that gives you a sense of nostalgia.

How does "fw" stand for on Instagram?

"FW" usually stands for "F*ck With", which is used to describe a person who you had an intimate encounter with. But it can also mean other things depending on the context. "FW" can also mean "forward", "firewall", or "framework."

What does "pc" mean on Instagram?

"PC" stands for photo credit or photo courtesy. It means giving credit or acknowledging the original owner of the photo that you used for a particular content. It also means credits to the person who captured and edited your photo.

What does "oomf" stand for on Instagram?

"OOMF" stands for one of my friends or one of my followers. This is a way of not mentioning anyone directly.

What does "MCW" mean on Instagram?

"MCW" stands for Man Crush Wednesday. This is used when people are talking about their male crush which usually are celebrities. It is way of showing and expressing your admiration and respect to your celebrity crush by posting and sharing their pictures on your profile.

What does "VC" mean on Instagram?

"VC" is commonly known as "video chat" or "voice chat," which means direct communication between people through video or voice. It can be used to invite someone or your viewers for a voice or video chat session. On Instagram, it could also mean "video credits" or "voice channel".

What does "FB" stand for Instagram?

On Instagram, "fb" stands for "follow back" which is an invitation to return the favour to follow you back after you followed them.

It can also mean the social networking site "Facebook" when you want to talk about something on the site.

What does "QTS" mean on Instagram?

"QTS" is an abbreviation for "cuties" and "QT" for the singular form which means "cutie". It is commonly used on all social media platforms and texts. It is used to describe something on the photo or video that you think is endearing and attractive.

What does "FS" mean on Instagram?

"FS" stands for "for sure" on Instagram. It is used when you know you are confidently sure about something. It can also be used as a touch of sarcasm or being assertive, then it's refering to "fuck sakes". However, never use it often in arguments to avoid ridicule, use it politely instead.

What does rate "BMS" mean on Instagram?

"BMS" stands for "broke my scale", which means how attractive and engaging your posts are to the users. So the term "rate BMS" is the metric rating of how your posts have engaged the users. When someone uses the term "rate BMS" on their posts, they are asking the viewers to rate them.

What does "FSE" stand for on Instagram?

"FSE" stands for "funniest sh*t ever", which is a response to a very funny moment that you witnessed. It is a very popular slang used by teens and younger generations. When used as a hashtag on a particular post, it tells viewers that they will be expecting to see funny videos or pictures.

What does "lb" mean on Instagram?

"LB" stands for "like back", which means asking your viewers to like your posts back. It also encourages viewers to visit your profile and view more of your posts. It could also be a marketing and advertising strategy to get support for your product or service.

What does "slay" mean on Instagram?

In social media, the word "Slay" is a slang used to tell someone to be their best in what they do. It is an expression to evoke someone to be exceptional. It could also be used to show admiration and appreciation for something that was already done.

What does "Bwt" mean on Instagram?

This acronym can mean many things, depending on how it is used. It could mean "but why though", "but when though", or "boys with toys" and "big white truck".

The meaning "but why though" and "but when though" can be used when you are asking for an exact reason or time.


Social media has become one of the primary forms of exchanging messages where you will also discover new slang and texting languages. This will guide you through the understanding them and using them as well.