How to delete an Instagram post?

16 Sep, 2022

Instagram is the most popular social network for photographers. The app allows users to share their life with their followers by posting images and videos on the feed.

But what if you post something on Instagram and later decide to not show it on your account? Then, you can delete an Instagram post in a few simple steps.

If comments are disturbing your peace of mind, you might want to switch off comments instead?

Out of control?

By the way: If things got completely out of control and deleting your photo isn't enough, you might want to delete your Instagram account.

Step-by-step Guide to Deleting an Instagram Post

To delete an Instagram post on your Android or iOS phone, follow these steps. Remember that you can delete posts only through your mobile (the Instagram app). Deleting posts from via the website isn't possible at the moment.

  1. Open the Instagram app by tapping on the Instagram icon on your Android or iPhone.

  2. Tap your profile photo in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

  3. Find and tap the post you want to delete on your Instagram profile.

    Delete a Photo from Instagram (Step 3): Find and select the post to delete on your profile

  4. Press the three dots on the photo page in the upper right corner and opposite to your username.

    Delete a Photo from Instagram (Step 4): Select the three-dot menu

  5. To delete the photo, select "Delete" from the menu. In a pop-up window, you'll need to confirm to remove the photo from your account. Tap "Delete" once more. Your photo gets deleted.

    Delete a Photo from Instagram (Step 5): Select "Delete" and confirm deleting

What happens once an Instagram post has been deleted?

Content that you choose to delete gets removed from your account. It gets relocated to the "Recently Deleted" section.

Content in "Recently Deleted" gets deleted after 30 days. Furthermore, if a story isn't in your stories archive, it will get deleted within 24 hours. During that time, you can retrieve deleted information from your account. The Instagram app's "Recently Deleted" section will let you recover or remove it.

Also, during this period, the content is subject to Instagram's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. But it is not visible to other Instagram users.

Can't delete Instagram posts?

You won't be able to delete photos in bulk on Instagram. Yet, you can delete individual photos from your profile at any time. If you don't see the option to delete an image you've published, you might be using the incorrect device to browse Instagram.

You can't delete photos from your computer with Instagram. You must use the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device to delete photos. If you have an issue when deleting your photo, reinstall or update the app.


This guide will help you delete an image or post you don't want to appear on your Instagram profile. But, remember that you will need the app to delete the post or image.