Snapchat Debunked: What do "wcw", "HY", "IG", "ION", etc. stand for?

Jumping into Snapchat, you will notice lots of new and potentially confusing acronyms used in Snaps and messages. Here, we take a look at the most common acronyms used on Snapchat.

But before we start, let's discuss what Snapchat acronyms are and why they are used.

What are Snapchat acronyms?

An acronym is used to clarify or shorten something original without distorting meaning. An acronym can be noticed by the use as a complete or partial synonym for the original term. Think "FB" for "Facebook". The written form is basically done by replacing the sentence or phrase with synonyms to make the reader understand what you are trying to say.

To use an acronym effectively, you should include the context around the phrase. Naturally, acronyms can be either written or spoken form.

Especially on social media, a written acronym can be witnessed regularly on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. In social media, there is too much text to read through so the use of acronyms helps speed up the reading and understanding process of any post.

What does "WCW" mean on Snapchat?

WCW is an acronym for "Women Crush Wednesday". While crush might suggest otherwise, it's mostly a day where you show appreciation for women in your life based on their achievements. In essence it means: this woman in my life is very important to me.

The hashtag #WCW is used to describe appreciation for women. It's occasionally used by women in self-appreciation posts. But mostly, it's other women and men showing appreciation - nothing else.

What does "MCM" stand for?

The male version of WCW is MCM. It stands for "Man Crush Monday". Usually, women use this hashtag on Snapchat to express their appreciation for a supportive man in their lives. This can be a friend or family member who supported them in tough times.

It shouldn't be misinterpreted though. Many men are not aware about what the term actually means and it's regularly misinterpreted as a message for sexual advances. They confuse it with flirting. Make sure to make it clear that it's only a sign of appreciation.

What does "HY" mean on Snapchat?

"HY" stands for "Hell yeah" and signals strong agreement with a statement. If you are a fan of GIFs, you can find plenty of gifs for "hell yeah".

What does "Fo Sho" stand for on Snapchat?

"Fo Sho" stands for "For Sure". You can use it to show that you agree with the other person. It is somewhat similarly used as "Hell Yeah" ("HY").

What does "ION" stand for?

When you see "ION", it stands for "In Other News". In the text of a DM or in a Snap, it means that the content is going to be about something happening in the world outside of your Snapchat story. It relates the Snapchat story to the outside, of which you might not be aware.

Sometimes people also use "News flash" or "FYI" (for your information) in the same context.

How is "Defs" used on Snapchat?

"Defs" is short for "definitely". By using it, you confirm what you agree with a given statement.

An example could be:

  • "Are you coming to the trip?"

  • "Defs, I'm in."

What does "Yassss" mean on Snapchat?

"Yassss" is quite popular on Snapchat. In essence, it is simply the word "yes" but with more passion. As with "For Sho" and "Hell yeah", you are showing your support for a statement.

How is "TBT" used?

TBT stands for "Throwback Thursday" and is popular to share past moments of your life that you are grateful for.

It's about getting together with old friends and celebrating both the past and present. Thus, TBT provides them an opportunity to share their memories together. Moreover, it helps them in reminiscing a wonderful part of their life they may have forgotten over time.

What does "IG" stand for on Snapchat?

IG stands for Instagram. It is often used to refer back to Instagram from Snaps.

As with other acronyms, it's used to save time and mind-space. An example could be "Many of you saw my story on IG about my last trip and wanted to know ..."


With this guide, you will be able to understand and use the most common acronyms correctly. Make sure to consider the weekdays the acronyms relate to.