How to personalize your LinkedIn URL?

20 Jul, 2021

A LinkedIn URL is something that must enhance your personal brand rather than detracting from it. Thus, customizing your LinkedIn URL enables you to have your LinkedIn profile as a lead generation and branding tool. It also makes sharing your profile easier. It makes the LinkedIn URL more accessible.

Personalizing your LinkedIn URL is easy. Login to your LinkedIn account. Click on "Me" on the homepage, then click on "View Profile". Click "Edit Public Profile & URL" to edit the custom URL and save it.

Why have a personalized LinkedIn URL?

  1. Makes A Profile Easier to Find, Connect & Share: A unique LinkedIn URL helps you stand out from the crowd.

  2. Improves SEO: Having a personalized LinkedIn URL helps with SEO on major search engines. You have to turn on your LinkedIn public profile to create a custom URL. Search engines scan this URL and will help you be identified organically.

  3. Boosts Profile Credibility: A custom LinkedIn URL demonstrates that you are detail-oriented. It depicts your seriousness to present yourself in the best possible light. It also indicates that you are technologically adept.

  4. Gives a More Professional Look: LinkedIn URL is used on many professional materials like a resume and business cards. A more polished and customized URL gives them a clean look.

How to personalize your LinkedIn URL?

On a first-come, first-served basis, custom public profile URLs are open. At any given time, a member may only have one custom public profile URL. The step-by-step process to personalize LinkedIn URL is as under:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account.

  2. Navigate to the upper toolbar of your LinkedIn homepage and click on the "Me" icon.

  3. Select "View Profile" from the dropdown menu.

    Customize your LinkedIN URL (Step 3): Select "View Profile"

  4. On the right side of the screen, click "Edit public profile & URL". This will direct you to the Public profile settings page.

    Customize your LinkedIN URL (Step 4): Click on "Edit public profile & URL"

  5. Go to the "Edit your custom URL" segment. Click the pencil icon next to the public profile URL to edit.

    Customize your LinkedIN URL (Step 5): Edit your custom URL

  6. There will be a URL similar to "". In the given text box, put the last part of the custom URL.

  7. Click on "Save".

Some things to remember when creating a personalized LinkedIn URL

  1. The custom URL is case-sensitive and can be anywhere between 3 to 100 characters long.

  2. Do not use symbols, spaces, and special characters.

  3. LinkedIn shows the availability of the custom URL.

  4. You can change or edit the URL up to five times in six months.

  5. A custom public profile URL is available after 180 days from the date of closure of the account.


A personalized LinkedIn profile URL is more valuable than you could imagine. Customize it wisely as it guides other professionals to your profile.

This, incoming with your tag line, is very useful for recruiters to find (or find you again).

Avoid changing the URL too often. This is because it will make it difficult for people to find and recognize you.