Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story?

11 Jul, 2021

Instagram is a popular social media app with exciting content in every niche. Users prefer taking screenshots of different things on Instagram that match their interests.

Does Instagram notify other users when you screenshot their story? And how would you know if someone screenshots your story?

Sometimes, you want to screenshot someone's story about you and save it in your camera roll. Whether you are taking a screenshot or screen recording someone's story, they don't get notified.

The same goes for taking screenshots of posts, profiles, and reels. But when you screenshot a disappearing video in Direct Messages (DM), Instagram notifies the sender.

Here are the things you should know while taking screenshots on Instagram.

When does Instagram notify that a screenshot is taken?

In your DMs, if you screenshot a disappearing video, the other user will get notified. Yet, this only implies the case of disappearing media. If you screenshot permanent DMs, the user won't get notified.

Instagram notification when screenshotting

But, as you can see in the image, the user didn't get notified of the picture.

Can people see if I screenshot their DM on Instagram?

No, they don't see it. People with iOS claim that they see a notification when someone screenshots their DM.

Does Instagram notify screen recordings on Instagram stories?

When it comes to stories, the user doesn't get notified when you do screen recording.

Does Instagram send notifications for screenshots of user profiles?

No, Instagram does not notify users when their profile gets screenshotted.

How to avoid being detected for taking an Instagram screenshot?

There are some sneaky ways to save a disappearing video without notifying the owner:

  1. Turn on the airplane mode.

    While screenshotting a disappearing media, turn on the airplane mode. This way, the other user won't get notified. If the photo does not load while you are in airplane mode, try opening the image first using data or WiFi. Then hold your finger on it and quickly turn on the airplane mode.

    Now take a screenshot while remaining in airplane mode.

    Screenshottig while being in airplane mode

    (Taking a screenshot in Airplane mode)

    Screenshottig while being in airplane mode - Result


  2. Use another camera

    You can use another mobile phone to take pictures of your screen. You will get results; however, the image quality is not promised.


You can take screenshots of stories, posts, and reels without worrying about the owner. However, you have to be careful while screenshotting disappearing media.

Some ways that help you screenshot disappearing media without getting caught were mentioned in this article. Also, if you using Snapchat you might ask yourself the same screenshotting questions about Snaps.