Quotes from Kurt Schlichter

“At least in this part of Germany, we have not lost our gastfreundschaft – our hospitality”

“The Elite claps like trained seals for overpaid morons in tights and helmets kneeling during the national anthem because—well, no one has ever provided a coherent reason why. There isn’t one.”

“Trump was the explosion, the Mount St. Helens of American politics.”

“Transgender bathrooms aren’t about boys pretending to be girls feeling better about their delusions. It’s about letting the Normals know that the Elite can violate their most sensitive and private moments if it feels like it—and that the Normals can’t do a damn thing about it.”

“Mask-wearing meant acceptance of the official expert position that the country was in a state of perpetual pathogen siege and that this justified the government exercising vast emergency powers.”

“Cultural power? Rock stars and movie idols are drug-addled losers with personal lives of Mogadishu-levels of chaos.”

“The message – we have your children, and we have you – was loud and clear.”

“It was simply easier to avoid a fight if he could.”

“Guns were bad yesterday because people he hated had them; today they were good because his people were the only ones who had them.”

“They’re Americans who kill other Americans who tried to take away the rights God gave them. The right to say what they think, to pray how they want, to keep a rifle to protect those rights.”

“The loading took 30 minutes, plus another ten inside as the crew argued with irate travelers about their luggage, demanding random pieces be checked because of “luggage privilege.”

“He picked up a copy of the in-flight magazine, Sky Justice. The cover story was a hagiography about a differently abled Justice Air pilot. She was blind.”

“Remember the free market? Well, it works. And now we are seeing what happens when you replace it with a bunch of useless college professors, untalented artists, moronic movie stars, and San Francisco chardonnay sippers who think they can personally run every aspect of a country when they know absolutely nothing about how a country works.”

“America’s Elite is a meritocracy that has abandoned the notion of merit.”

“The cover story was a hagiography about a differently abled Justice Air pilot. She was blind.”

“Her constant assertion of her needs and wants was something he would not miss in the slightest after he had Arthur and Sam take her away and shoot her. She”

“This is the core irony of an Elite that is often in no way elite. They are not trying to make the Normals as open-minded as the Elite. They are trying to make the Normals as narrow-minded as the Elite.”

“Sometimes we have to work with bad guys to get other worse guys,”

“Yes, the Left hates Trump, but its hatred is really for us. In its hive mind, we have no right to rule ourselves, no moral standing to defy the pagan god of Progressivism. And, as with other religious fanatics, anything leftists choose to do is therefore justified if it serves their perverted vision of the greater good by bringing us heathens to heel.”

“And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbor; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom. Isiah 19:2”

“You don’t mess with a man’s weapons in the USA. That’s how fistfights and civil wars start. He”

“they just leave us alone? Why the hell didn’t they understand that eventually we were going to hit back if they kept pushing us, and then someone was going to have to win and someone was going to have to lose?”

“the voice of the television announcer warned that the climate change crisis was once again just a year away from reaching the point of no return, and urged the largely pedestrian citizenry to continue to reduce their collective carbon footprint. But”

“I am a Conservative: Barack Obama is the Hans Gruber of American politics. #caring”