Quick Guide to Gramhir.com: Instagram Analyzer & Viewer

20 Jun, 2022

Instagram is an effective social media platform to reach more customers & establish a successful business. However, reaching your valuable customers can be hard? How? Because you are unable to find out their Instagram account easily or with manual efforts?

What if an ideal application can save your efforts & offers you a one-stop solution for finding Instagram accounts. It will be easier for many business owners & marketers to reach their growth perspective easier. So, Gramhir.com is a third-party application that allows extracts & integrates data from Instagram public profiles.

This analyzer & viewer tools tell you which post or story generated the most engagement over the course of a week. You will find this IG analytics to track a variety of metrics & evaluate the potential of their posts. To gain useful insights, you need to improve your Instagram marketing & take into consideration the Gramhir tool.

This guide will cover anything you need to benefit from Gramhir (formerly Gramho).

What is Gramhir?

Gramhir (formerly Gramho) Instagram profile analyser tool

Gramhir is the famous Instagram profile analyzer & viewer tool. It is for both Instagram & non-Instagram profiles. You will find this tool to access the public information of popular public figures like celebrities, magazines, & companies, etc. This is possible as the Gramhir website gathers different statistics about a certain Instagram profile or hashtag. The good thing is that on Gramhir, access can be done anonymously or without the need of creating any profile.

The best way is to go on Gramhir which is a free website & search for your followers & their interests. Gramhir, on the other hand, is an Instagram analyzer application that allows you to enter a list of Instagram users and view a breakdown of their expressions, interactions, and posts, among other things. Ultimately, Gramhir allows you to view and monitor your own and other people's Instagram content in a new and improved way, complete with all statistics.

You will find this tool available for viewing the historical & real-time performance of your account. Gramhir allows you to track hashtags, mentions, and keywords, URLs of your previous & existing posts. Also, it allows you to track the performance of competing Instagram profiles like their activity, growth, & engagement data over a certain period.

Can I Rely on this Analyzer & Viewer Tool?

Gramhir Analysers

When you are trying to improve on your Instagram strategy, you need to rank high in engagement rates via your stories, reels, & videos. You can’t stalk anyone every time that is where Gramhir tools or other Instagram viewer tools come into picture.

Gramhir allows you to view both private and public Instagram profiles without having to make a follow request. You can browse Instagram without requesting to be followed. Even if you aren't logged into your account, this tool can help you enhance your covert Instagram game. Overall, you'll find this tool to be a cutting-edge Instagram tool for your business's growth plan.

What are the Main Features of the Gramhir Tool?

Gramhir Features

  • Gramhir uses on algorithms to analyze Instagram account stats & compare it with other accounts.

  • It shows you the probability chart for estimating your future post likes, comments & followers.

  • The best thing is that you can use this tool to investigate anyone's Instagram account simply by entering hashtags. So that you may check out their posts, stories, followers, and locations, you can also save photos and videos.

What are Instagram Metrics?

Typically, the stats are referred to as "Likes & Comments." Although Instagram does not have a "Share or Retweet" button, other measures such as posting frequency, post timing, hashtag engagement, and others might be useful for analyzing both own brand analytics and rival data.

Following is the list of all the metrics, you must be tracking on Instagram:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Follower count
  • Follower growth rate
  • Engagement score
  • Hashtag engagement
  • Publishing volume/frequency
  • Filters & engagement sector
  • Breakdown by post type
  • Timing
  • Industry, geographic & custom benchmark, etc.

Analyzing Instagram metrics is compulsory. The prominent reason is that it assists you in making your marketing strategy. Though you can collect some metrics manually where some of these metrics aren't available easily on Instagram. That's where tools like Gramhir come into the picture; allow you to download all this data for any time period in one click in any format you like. It presents stats or different metrics to inform your present or future strategy.

Why You Should Trust Gramhir?

Here are the reasons why you should use a service like Gramhir.

Accurate Statistics

Gramhir Statistics

The most significant benefit of using the Gramhir website is that it gives you precise information. For example, you can learn about the account rate of your future postings, the average likes per post, the average comments per post, and the period between posts, among other things. Experimenting with your posts or content isn't necessary. Simply rely on the Gramhir website and achieve your goal.

Ease of Accessing

Anyone can easily access the Instagram analyzer on any device. With minimal complexity, you can use this on your PC & mobile. Within a few seconds, you can get authentic insights & statistics of your posts or your follower’s data.

Free of Cost

Gramhir costs

The unforgettable benefit of this application is that you can utilize all of its features for free. As a result, you have the option of downloading Instagram images, videos, and stories fully for free and in an unlimited quantity.

How to Use Gramhir?

View Instagram posts anonymous with Gramhir

Follow this step-by-step instruction.

  • Go to Gramhir.com. To identify relevant profiles & posts, enter an Instagram username or hashtag.
  • When you've figured it out, go to the profile.
  • The data will be displayed at the top of the page.
  • To access the post, simply click on it.
  • To download the videos and photographs, tap the download button.
  • To access Gramho Instagram stories, click the blue arrow symbol.

What are the requirements for Gramhir?

View Instagram posts anonymous with Gramhir

These tools work through the Instagram API (“Application Programming Interface”). This makes it possible for developers to develop separate applications that can use to view pictures, comments, likes, tags & other information. These applications pull information from Instagram & turning this into a single searchable database for users. Don't worry! These apps do not necessarily reveal any personal information.

How Can I See Anonymous Instagram Posts?

Simply search for the user name or commonly used hashtag and identify the profile and click on the posts:

View Instagram posts anonymous with Gramhir

Is There Any Other Site Like Gramhir?

You can see anonymous Instagram posts via Gramhir or its alternatives. Now, if you are looking for Gramhir alternatives? Yes then Look no further.

Here is the list of Gramhir alternatives based on verified products, community, votes, reviews & other factors.

List of Alternatives of Gramhir Website:



FullInsta.photo is a web viewer that provides services to explore Instagram without registration. This works on the principle of Instagram API to show the viewers their desired content such as profile photos & videos, etc. However, it is not a registered & certified product but you can explore Instagram safely with this application’s help.



Similarly to Fullinsta.photo, InstaStory.net is an anonymous story viewer to effortlessly view & download public Instagram photos, & stories. Enjoy watching Instagram stories, live streaming videos & profiles, et



Dumpor.com-It works as a web tool that allows you to access any web browser to view public Instagram accounts, stories, & posts. You can conveniently check their entire profile including their followers, the followed accounts, & their tagged posts, etc. You can download any posts or stories even after their stories disappear in 24 hours. However, Dumpor.com does not work for private accounts.



Picuki is a free online application that allows you to view & edit other people’s Instagram posts & stories. It is getting a lot of followers & users with each passing due to its features. It also works on Instagram API to see Instagram stories anonymously.

Is Picuki Anonymous?

Picuki is an online tool to see Instagram stories anonymously. This tool doesn't force you to create an account. You can easily use Picuki for anonymous access to stories in a few clicks without login into view & download Instagram stories on your PC or mobile phone. You can explore Instagram profiles, stories & locations for an unlimited period & completely for free.

So, yes Picuki is 100% anonymous.

What is the Best Instagram Analytics Tool?

Do you own any businesses? How does one promote their product? We believe Instagram has become a great platform for marketing products. Businesses that have limited advertising budgets usually approach influencers or celebrities on Instagram to send them PR packages aimed at increasing the popularity. Obviously manually collecting the profile data on influencers and celebrities can become very tiresome. Various third-party apps including Gramhir allow users to view and thoroughly analyze Instagram accounts for their own profiles.

What is the best Instagram viewer?

How many people watch Instagram in 2022 compared to a group compared with an anonymous Instagram Viewer?

  1. Qoobab stories
  2. Cocospiffy
  3. mstpy
  4. Hover Watch
  5. The Glassagrams
  6. Eyzy
  7. Istalkers

Gramhir Analysers

As you can see, there are several Instagram analytics tools available to cater to a variety of needs. But Gramhir platform is the greatest Instagram analyzer & viewer tool among them. Why? Because it is designed to give users an analytical overview of their Instagram profile by providing information on followers, account growth, engagement & other specific details. The nicest feature is that you may use it without having to create an account.

What makes it special or on top? It manages your Instagram account smarter by using predictive analytics to identify what stories & posts to promote, when to post them, & which follower segments to prioritize, etc.

I hope you find this guide helpful.