How to turn off "suggested posts" on Instagram

12 Aug, 2021

Acquired by Facebook, Instagram is a social media giant used by 1 billion people across the planet. While Instagram's app and website are a prime source of entertainment, most users are bothered by its new feature, "suggested posts".

Many users often try to find ways on how to turn off suggested posts on Instagram. This article will show you exactly how you can get rid of that pesky suggested posts feature from your user feed.

So what is Instagram's suggested posts feature?

This recently added feature on Instagram takes over the lower part of a user's feed on the main page of the app. It is where users generally scroll down to see the latest photos uploaded by the people they follow.

With Suggested Posts, Instagram shows you posts from pages that you don't follow. Still, the app believes you might like or be interested in the account.

With this recent feature, Instagram claims they want to improve "user experience". On the contrary, they seem to be essentially ads and promotions.

Why does Instagram make you see these 'Suggested Posts'?

Instagram has recently released an update that alters the way you experience your feed. The new version now includes 'Suggested Posts' at the bottom of your most recent feed posts. This implies that once you reach the 'You're all caught up" prompt on Instagram, you'll see posts from random strangers on Instagram.

Why? Because Instagram's algorithm learns what type of posts and pages you like. And keeps populating your Instagram feed with similar posts and advertisements to keep you hooked to the app.

Is there any way to turn off Suggested Posts on Instagram?

This bothersome feature was introduced in August 2020. It has proven itself to be a huge disappointment for the majority of Instagram users.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow users to disable or stop the Suggested Posts feature manually. If you feel like you are not interested in specific posts or accounts, you can notify them with an "not interested" option. This way you will let them know that you don't want certain kinds of posts on your feed.

You can turn off a suggested post on Instagram, but this must be done manually for each post that the app suggests to you. Here are the steps:

How to turn off the 'Suggested Posts' on Instagram?

This strategy involves manually selecting posts (suggested posts) that you do not want to view on your feed. However, we are sure you understand that this is a time-consuming process and it still does not permanently disable the suggested posts feature of Instagram.

Nonetheless, you can manually remove suggested posts by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Instagram account and scroll down until you see a suggested post that you want to remove.

    How to turn "suggested posts" on Instagram off (Step 1): Scroll to the end until you see a "suggested post"

  2. Now tap on the ellipsis (3 dots) that appears on the top-right corner of the suggested post.

    How to turn "suggested posts" on Instagram off (Step 2): Tap on the ellipsis

  3. When you do so, a menu will appear on your screen, tap on the "Not Interested"-button, and wait for the notification saying, "We'll show fewer posts like this".

    How to turn "suggested posts" on Instagram off (Step 3): Tap on "Not Interested"

Can I permanently deactive Instagram's suggested posts?

While "Not Interested" hides a suggested post, it doesn't stop Instagram from sending you new suggested posts. Permanently deactivating the feature is unlikely to work as Instagram/Facebook earns on these posts.


Your Instagram feed is meant to be a place where you go to see the content you want. The whole point of the app is to follow individuals with interesting and relevant content. There's a Discover tab dedicated to users you're unfamiliar with, which is why having the suggested posts feature has no point. This article gives you a way to have control over the Suggested Posts feature on Instagram.